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Upholstery Steam &

Dry Cleaning 

Disease-causing bacteria can survive on soft surfaces for 24 hours. Even listeria, the flu-causing bacteria, can live on your plushy, inviting couch. 61% of the population has either never gotten their sofas sanitized or professionally cleaned, or have done so only once or twice in the years that they’ve owned them.


Dust mites, pollen and dander, upholstered surfaces can carry a multitude of endotoxins – toxins released from the cell walls of bacteria that are brought in on your clothes, pets and shoes. These endotoxins are a major source of asthma and allergies even for folks who generally do not suffer from either.


1. Fresh And Clean Air In Your Home

2. Protect Your Upholstery

3. Restore Your Upholstery And Bring Its Original Beauty 

4. Eliminate Allergy Caused By Dust

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